Book Review: La Vie En Rosé

untitled (3)La Vie En Rosé – Jamie Ivey, 2007, published by St. Martin’s Press

If you have ever dreamed of dropping everything–job, family, apartment–and moving to a foreign country to pursue a dream, this book will intrigue you right from the beginning. It’s the story of a trio of British wine lovers who decide to leave England behind in the pursuit of running a rose bar in France, and they share every gritty detail.

The plot meanders a little, kind of making you wonder what the point of the story is, but nonetheless the pages keep turning as Jamie, his wife Tanya and their colleague Peter travel from town to town, one disaster to another, for the love of pink wine.

The characters are vivid and larger-than-life to the delight of the reader who can imagine that in far off Nimes, the brogue-tongued Irish barkeep still sits up at night, smoking, chatting with locals, his life rather unchanged after having encountered the traveling pink band of Rose enthusiast. The settings are laid before the reader like an intricate pop-up book, a feeling of surreal euphoria peppering the pages, leaving the reader with a sense of unexpected courage–if they can be successful, so can I!

Through the trials and errors, the bickering locals, the French legal paperwork, the language barrier, the rain and the troublesome inebriated guest, Jamie and his companions somehow navigate the obstacles on the way to becoming experts in their very unique field. This book goes down easy, like a glass of their palest pink.

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