The Best Kind of People

One of my very close friends has this habit of leaving baked goods on my doorstep.

“Well I’m not going to eat them,” she explains when I thank her. She then launches into a description delicious enough to make you want to drop everything, grab a fork and eat the whole pie/cake/biscotti batch right there.

IMG_9814For the holiday season, she handed me a massive bag of marshmallow trimmings. After making a homemade batch of minty, crème-de-menthe marshmallows and cutting them out with cute little round cutters, the leftover marshmallow pieces needed some love. (I received both ‘real’ marshmallows and the leftover space.)

So what did we do? We made a giant batch of rich, chocolatey peppermint hot cocoa, chopped up those cute little trimmings into baby marshmallows–made only cuter by their irregularity–and sat down to a cheesy Hallmark chick flick called Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade. We may have also dusted the tops with edible glitter to make it sparkle just a tad.


And it was perfect.

I own all photos featured in this post.

One thought on “The Best Kind of People

  1. You are the Marshmallow Princess! You are credited not only for saving the marshmallows, but also for making a delicious hot chocolate. Looks so good!


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