A (Late) Manifesto Of Sorts

It sometimes occurs to me that I am pursuing the weirdest career ever.

Essentially, I love writing and food and culture and community and coffee. I want a job that lets me love all of these things, preferably at the same time.

I want to write about food. I want to use food to bring communities together. I want to study the way we interact on common ground: the love of coffee, the love of mama’s cookin’. I want to share that with everyone.


Even more importantly, I want to combine a career and a lifestyle all in one fell swoop. I want a life full of intention in every aspect, from the food I eat to the people I talk to at the coffee bar.

I know. I want a lot of things.

So why would I bother to type these things on the internet? Aren’t these the kind of dreams and things that someone should keep to themselves?


But writing here, on this blog, and in a few other locations (like the killer pravasana.com) has prompted me to realize that the love of food, coffee and culture begin right here.

Sure, maybe this is a bunch of ‘dream big’ fluff marketed by Disney. (Which would makes sense, actually, considering I worked there for the past two years.)

Still, this will hold me accountable as some kind of manifesto to stay true to all the intentions I have not just for a career but for a lifestyle.

People are really important to me. Community means the world to me. When I think about how I can contribute to the community, I know that food is what I bring to the table. (See what I did there? Haha.)

I suppose I just want to love the whole world and I want to do it with a pen in one hand and a fork in the other.

Idealistic? Probably. Uncomfortable? Maybe.


Certainly not.

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