Book Review: Coffee Nerd – How To Have Your Coffee and Drink It, Too


Coffee Nerd: How To Have Your Coffee and Drink It Too

Ruth Brown, Adams Media 2015

Third wave coffee is sweeping the nation, cultivated by baristas in work-chic aprons with long beards and thick-rimmed glasses. If you didn’t care about single-origin espresso until now (and you want to know more) this book is for you!

Written in a witty and cheeky tone that both pays homage to coffee culture and mocks it, Ruth Brown covers everything from coffee history to drink prep in brief, informational blurbs. By no means is this in-depth coffee knowledge, but it is enough to turn a black-coffee regular into someone who knows their traditional macchiato from the Starbucks version.


As a barista working amongst particularly witty, hip co-baristas I found the tone conversational, friendly and a little bit patronizing–just as though one of our well-educated staff were walking me through coffee culture. The phrases could have come straight out of our lead barista’s mouth.

There are enough useful facts in this book to get you through Third Wave Coffee Jeopardy and then some. After devouring this read (preferably over a cuppa joe–not Starbucks) you will be able to ask for a v60 without fear, possibly even voicing your opinion over whether or not you’d prefer Konga Yirgacheffe to an El Salvador.

For 200 pages of lighthearted education, what more do you need?

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