Adventure Updates: Part Three

Today was the last of three days apartment hunting in good ‘ol PDX.

My mother leaves first thing in the morning and I will be alone with my new city.

Small, teeny-tiny problem: I am homeless.

That’s okay though. For the strangest, most peculiar reason I am not in the least bit afraid.

In fact, although it may seem exceedingly foolish, I am excited. I have fought tooth and nail for this move, attempting to prove that Portland is the city where I need to be.

Everything I need exists here. And let me tell you, that’s a pretty tall order.

This is a move I have prayed so hard about I am certain I’ve bent God’s ear. The first two days proved fruitless in the search for home. And so after a strong start this morning, my mother and I stopped for coffee… and stopped looking.


In the past couple of years, I have had very little time to sit down with my mother and have a good time. As a working mom with four kids and a handful of jobs, her time is as limited as it comes, and what few minutes she has to spare she gives freely to those who need it.

I cannot even recall the last time we explored a new city together, and we have traveled the world.

So we took a step back, left it in the Lord’s hands, and decided to enjoy the day.


Walking down Hawthorne (my mother’s first trip down this particular strip) we ate, drank and laughed. We stumbled across a courtyard full of food carts, the most appealing of which was a crepe cart. Cute, twinkling lights were strung up behind the three ladies spreading paper-thin layers of batter across the hot cooking surface.


So we did what we do best. We sat down and ate.

The crepe was incredible. Light, thin and perfectly golden, we selected a crepe that held in between each of it’s layers a sticky, sweet smear of dulce de leche, rum and caramelized plantain.


The best way I can describe our situation is to say this: our lack of movement was not based out of laziness, frustration or simply giving up. I think the only way to gauge the situation is to say that I have complete faith in where I am going.

Spending time with the people who are most important takes precedence over even something as imperative as finding a place to live.

For some crazy odd reason, I feel God’s call on my life. I’m going to end up here. I just don’t know how, and I’m not afraid. In the meanwhile? Maybe I need to focus on what matters.

And those crepes were mad good.

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