Layover Life Updates & Chicken Nuggets

I have no advice for anyone on airport food except not to order it. Of course, there are times when it is necessary to eat and therefore the situation cannot be avoided. But if you can help it? Bring snacks. 

I bring these words of wisdom(?) to you from the B terminal of the Denver International Airport where I am happily whiling away an eight hour layover. 

Blogging in airports is one of my favorite things to do. I dream up drafts and edit photos and journal a lot because being alone in an airports leaves ample time for introspection. 

Unfortunately, I usually am lacking in photographs, because I have a hard time capturing the things I find entertaining: the man with the Indiana Jones hat reading Atlas Shrugged, the McDonalds bag that reads “Breakfast All Day!” which is, in fact, a lie (they stopped serving at ten) or the monk in line for a United flight to Tampa. 

I have had two long phone calls and a short phone call. I have wrestled with my backpack a number of times, strengthening my shoulder muscles with each step and then destroyed all the exercise benefits by eating some chicken nuggets. (For the record, I ate them not for nutritional value but flavor — I know I can trust what airport nuggets taste like. They taste like every other nugget ever.) 

I  am headed to New Jersey on an unexpected adventure where I will reunite with my skateboarding missionary fella (who has been in Manila for what feels like a good long while) and his family. I have never been to Jersey. 

When I return to Portland I will hopefully have a place to live. That’s still entirely up in the air. 

I suppose you could say I am like a free-floating amoeba at the moment, drifting along without a job or a home, trusting that God is going to hook it all up. And He is. So why would I stress about it? 

I give my family small heart attacks this way. 

But I will admit I am finding tremendous freedom in each adventure. Where I once would be terrified and stressed I  now confident. This is entirely faith-based, of course. If I relied on facts alone I would be back in my childhood neighborhood reevaluating my life. But God is so good. 

Within a week’s time I will be fully relocated and embarking upon a new era, one that is hopefully filled with the exploration of good food and community. 

In the meanwhile I will continue to blog away (hopefully discovering some killer food in Jersey) and scare the daylights out of my family from afar as they all read this and ask, where are you now? We thought you were in Oregon. (Love ya!) 

I shall keep the blogosphere posted. Literally. (Haha… See what I did there?) Stay tuned!

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