Apples & Autumn

This is the season of postcard-perfect leaves, apple-spiced everything and clear blue days.

I have never seen an autumn quite as picturesque as the one I am in right now.

Yesterday was my first experience apple picking. I found myself wandering vast orchards, surrounded by low-hanging fruit and some of the largest apples I’ve ever held. It was the best autumn day a girl could’ve asked for: brisk and chilly, but with a strong sun that warmed the apples and brought out all the sweetness in the skin.


The orchard we visited had a vast autumn harvest, from pumpkins and gourds to corn stalks. All of the buildings were farmhouse red, as though I’d stepped into a postcard.


Maybe it’s because I’m new to the East Coast, or perhaps I’ve just envisioned these fall days full of hayrides and cider as exaggerated, romanticized versions of the season.

They definitely exist.



We left with over twenty pounds of apples, a jug of cider, two pies and two bottles of local wine.

We also happened to look particularly festive in flannels and seasonal colors, so we took pictures amongst the orchards and ate cider donuts, looking like a couple of flashbacks from the 90’s.


I don’t know how I stumbled into this beautiful scene, but I am so glad I did. It feels a lot like returning to a nostalgic place from your childhood, only this particular picture never really existed in mine. The dream and idea of an orchard with big farmhouses was always in my mind as an imaginary seasonal haven, not something that could be touched, felt or eaten.

And yet, here I am, apple cider donut in hand.

Nostalgia, it turns out, is delicious, simple and sweet.

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