Roadtripping PDX: Part Four (AKA, the Best Sandwich I Ever Ate)

I promised sandwich stories, and I shall deliver.

Behold the gem of our national roadtrip: the Bleubird Turkey and Brie Sandwich. We stumbled across the cutest, brightest, most incredibly delicious sandwich stop in Boise, Idaho. And I want to tell the world.


It had been a long stretch of grey morning as we drove from Salt Lake City, Utah into Boise, Idaho. The view was dotted only by the occasional majestic mountain range and plenty of windmills.

We stumbled into Boise ready for coffee. The District Coffee House was our aim, a hip spot with a disappointing cappuccino. Fairly dejected (is good coffee too much to ask? Are we just snobs?) we went in search of lunch. Directly across the street we found lunch salvation.



It was a light, airy little sandwich shop boasting handcrafted sodas and a blackboard full of sandwich options. Our eager cashier, who introduced himself as David, recommended the reuben for Isaac while I took a turkey and brie.

And that is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


Is there anything better than a sandwich no one skimped on? Dissect these layers of goodness: Dijon, fig jam, fresh apple, turkey, a massive, floral slice of brie and some arugula.

Almost as heavenly was the reuben with a bacon potato salad.


Not to be overshadowed, the side salad that came with my sandwich was sprinkled with a snowy avalanche of cheese and toasted peanuts, which proved to be literally the best salad I’ve ever had. Period.


So, if you’re ever in America’s heartland looking for a bite to eat, drop everything you’re doing and snag a sandwich here.

If only I had more excuses to be in Boise.

(I did take the second half of my sandwich to go and ate it as we crossed the Oregon border into the most glorious sunset. It felt like heaven.)



If you get the chance, check it out:


224 N. 10th St.

Boise, Idaho


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