One Year Later

Oh, hello there. Didn’t realize it’d been a year, did you? Neither did I. Does anyone read this blog?

Turns out, I haven’t blogged since JANUARY of 2017. What!? So strange. I fell away from it, and any record keeping in general, because I was overwhelmed with life happening. I couldn’t record it fast enough, and my emotions have shifted rapidly – too rapidly to record, it felt.

But now I’m back. I’m not in any stabler of a place, but I do feel as though I should return to writing things down.

At the dawn of 2017, I was wide-eyed and ready to make my mark on the world – on my industry, in particular.

Now, 12+ months later, I can tell you with pride that we have made strides, ladies and gentlemen. I’ve always been the kind of person that sits, dreams, and then romantically struggles towards a solution. Never in my life (until now) have I been the kind of person that just MOVES and then thinks about the risks later.

And look at how much can change in just a year!

I am now a married woman. I am now a business owner. I am a 22 year old with a sales tax license and a small business in the State of Colorado. (Where I now live, by the way.) I am the proud owner of a coffee farm in Baguio City, Philippines. And I am a national barista competitor headed to the US Barista Championships in Seattle in a few weeks.

Last month, my husband and I celebrated the opening of our first retail store and manufacturing site. We threw a party that was packed wall-to-wall – a huge surprise!

The most amazing part of this process is the notoriety that comes from owning a physical space. We’ve been dreaming of opening Silver Hand Co. for the last three years, and talking about it is one thing… it turns out actually having a physical store location has completely 180-ed the way we’re viewed in the community.


What a crazy feeling to realize that people can walk into a room full of products that were once just an idea. It went from Isaac’s engineering brain onto a worktable, then to hanging on a curated wall, and someone just walked in and bought that idea, and is going to wear it around and put their laptop in it and tell people about it.

Mind blowing.

If you want to come visit us, our location is in RiNo, Denver, Colorado, and the link to our website is here.

We’re going back to the Philippines in July to plant the second half of our coffee plantation. And hopefully, in one more year, we’ll open a bigger store with my dream of all dreams attached to it. A coffee shop. (A pop-up at bare minimum, but we will be serving coffee!)

Every day brings a brand-new struggle. There’s a lot about opening a business that people don’t tell you. Sure, they tell you its hard, and they tell you a lot of people fail, and that you have to be a tenacious breed of person to succeed.

They don’t tell you that every person you come in contact with is going to tell you ‘what they would do if they were you’ and that all of a sudden people reach out with ‘great ideas’ and a hell of a lot of criticisms. Completely unsolicited.

And it’s hard to respond with, ‘no, this is my business, thank you very much. I do not have to do those things you’re telling me i should do.’ And people become very offended when you protect this thing you brought into the world.


No one tells you why the money all bleeds away, or how hard it is to maintain a budget. No one tells you how to set up a shipping system so you aren’t driving to the post office every day.

No one tells you  how important it is to eat breakfast so you don’t start out the day immediately drained.

No one tells you that you can’t afford employees, but you also can’t afford to run around and do everything yourself or you will collapse.

No one tells you all the days bleed together and you love and hate what you’re doing all at the same time.

But, simultaneously, nothing can compare to the feeling of being known and recognized. Nothing can compare to the feeling of looking at your own hard work, and looking at your spouse, and realizing that you are accomplishing something very difficult.

I’ve never felt more pride than standing in our store, looking at the shelving that we built, the decor we were donated, the leather we bought, the plants we brought in… and realizing it was a culmination of our own work, God’s utter grace, and our friends help that we are now open.

We can go anywhere from here.

Stay tuned! I’ll be writing more.

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